Dean Thurman

Dean Thurman

Senior Partner

For almost 20 years, Dean has been responsible for the development of investment strategies for individuals throughout Southeast Michigan.

As co-founder and senior partner of InvestWise Financial, LLC, Dean has made it a personal commitment to keep his clients on track in reaching their financial goals. As a competent and experienced registered representative, Dean knows the importance of preparing for the future, be it retirement or estate planning. He makes difficult decisions seem easy by providing clients with practical investment strategies, like; which investments are suitable for each client and 401(k) education.

Not only has Dean strived to maintain a positive relationship with his clients, he is surrounded by loyal co-workers who share in his dedication to help ensure the needs of his clients are met. Andrea has been working with Dean as his administrative assistant for almost 15 years! Dean and his staff are excited about the positive changes taking place within the company!

Dean graduated Central Michigan University’s accredited business school in 1989 where he majored in Finance and Management. He enjoys golfing, boating, and spending time with his family.

To contact Dean, please call Andrea at 248-594-8113 or 877-500-1662.

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