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Consulting Services

Our Commitment to You:

Serving as your trusted advisor, we make it our mission to help your executive team enjoy true peace of mind knowing your retirement plans are commensurate with the values of your firm. In concert with the resources of the nation's largest and most trusted providers, our state of the art service model allows your staff to devote total focus to furthering the success of your core business.

Our time-tested, six-point approach is engineered to provide comprehensive coverage and promote the confidence of your employees:

1. Vendor and Fund Manager Search

    • Assess goals for 401(k) plan
    • Draft RFP and manage information-gathering process
    • Evaluate providers
    • Present recommendations to committee

    2. Investment Process Management

    • Assist in the development and management of investment policy statement (IPS)
    • Implement comprehensive investment selection and monitoring processes
    • Assist Investment Committee in selecting appropriate investment menu
    • Conduct regular fund reviews and benchmarking, present to committee
    • Evaluate Target Date / Risk-based asset allocation options
    • Implement Strategic Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA)

    3. Plan Administration

    • Ensure accuracy
    • Decrease administrative costs
    • Reduce staff burden

    4. Fiduciary Compliance and Liability Reduction

    • Implement processes to assist in adherence to Department of Labor fiduciary requirements
    • Regularly review and report results to Plan Sponsor/Fiduciaries

    5. Employee Education and Communication

    • Initial 401(k) Introduction and Enrollment
    • Regularly Scheduled 401(k) enrollments for new-hires and previously waives
    • Financial management workshops available to all employees & spouses
    • Improved plan participation and increased contributions
    • Cutting-edge online enrollment and asset allocation tools

    6. Ongoing Fee Evaluations and Service Provider Management

    • Ensure all fees are reasonable and fully disclosed
    • Benchmark current fees to industry standards
    • Negotiate fee reductions with current providers where necessary
    • Accountability for your complete satisfaction with all service providers